Her bor vi.


Fin samling i sofan, (totalt 4 hunder)                                  Jula er forbi, men minnene om ribba
                                                                                     og andre godsaker lever..


Det gjelder å kose seg når man er på bobiltur. (Orkanger) Og det går greit, selv om det er vinter.


Sidney er yndlings hodeputa til Richy


Vi er klar for feiring


Home sweet Home.
From left, Sidney, Prince, Tommeliten, Richy, Lillian


Relaxation at the cabin, Easter 2011.



Prince tireless in his hunting of lemmings at the cabin.

Prince inspect the snow on the terrace.

Finally he disappeared behind it.


Tommeliten in fine positur at the cabin

Sidney enjoy to stay outdoor.


A picture of our home and the garden. Here we can run freely, not so bad, isn't it ?

Our cabin. The whole area is surrounded by a fence. A playground for many yorkies.

Dressed up for 17th of May.

Our Motorhome.

Mummy is our best friend.


Inside the motorhome.

We have stopped at Sharons Dal on our tour to Nærland. We were almost alone, and no fee for the electricity. Could not have it better!

Tommeliten and Lillian on a "backsack trip".

Prince, Tommeliten and Sidney on a winter trip.

Tommeliten, Signe and Sidney, relaxing on the cabin. Sidney, Prince and Tommeliten try out the new terrace.

Sidney, Tommeliten and Prince

The same 3 in the cradle.

The grandchildren Stian and Steffen

Sidney and Prince ready for the dog show.