Open Class

Trondheim 20.06.2009 Judge Richard Beauchamp

Drammen 07.06.2009 Judge Wera Hubenthal.
1.AK  2.AKK   CK  3.BHK

Mo i Rana 23.05.2009 Judge Avi Marshak.
1.AK  1.AKK   CK  1.BHK   CERT  BIR

Orkanger 08.11.2008 Judge Mona K Selbach.
1.AK  1.AKK   CK  1.BHK   CERT  BIM

Verdal 07.09.2008 Judge Svein Helgesen
1.AK  1.AKK   CK  1.BHK   CERT  BIM


 Intermediate Class

Støren 31.08.2008 Judge Nils Molin
1.UK  1.UKK  CK
Mo i Rana 23.08.2008 Judge Jul Hamlot
1.UK  1.UKK  HP


Junior Class

Orkanger 10.11.2007 Judge Espen Engh
Verdal 02.09.2007 Judge Rodi Hubenthal
1.JK   1.JKK

Steinkjer 01.09.2007 Judge Leif Lehman Jørgensen
1.JK  1.JKK  HP

Støren 26.08.2007 Judge Janusz Opera
1.JK  1.JKK

Støren 25.08.2007 Judge Krystyna Opera
1.JK  2.JKK

Trondheim 23.06.2007 Judge Jochen Eberhardt

Bærum 03.06.2007 Judge Barbara Wood
 1.JK    2.JKK

Drammen 02.06.2007 Judge Petter Fodstad
1.JK   3.JKK

Possibly stop my career after the junior class. They say I'm too big to be Champion. I do not know, maybe I do not have to go with the curler. Muse is certainly happy about it, he is very happy to have me as a dog. He's a little weird that way, says it's the inner qualities that count and cares little about roses. However, in individual quality assessment, I have received 13 red in 15 exhibitions. Red's in accordance with the Kennel Club:
"Typically, in all material properly built dog, if the error is so insignificant that it can be said to be a very good representative of his race."
And then I got only blue in two exhibitions. But blue is the:
"Dog of good type and building, whose exterior error is not more prominent than it can be said to be a good representative of his race."the judge It's very good! I wonder if everyone knows this, those who complain of "just blue".
(But then it was probably incorrect Judge. My mate, Tommeliten, is both Norwegian and Swedish champion. But when we take him out into the garden to pee in the rain, he is so funny. Then he goes crook-backed, and the tail almost hidden under him. If the judge had seen him. he had probably received only blue. But Tommeliten is nice. Take good care of me and gives me just shut up when I get too upset. And basically he walks like a real champion!)
In addition, I have an HP as a junior, and that is given only to "very good juniors"
But it would be fun with a CC, just for show. Both nuts and dad have CC (Car Certificate). Dad also has fitter Certificate, so in that way I could be nice with a cert ..... Or maybe just a CK. CK means the same as cert quality. And more I do not need.

Stay tuned, we'll see how it goes.

23.08.2008 In the Intermediate / Open class loosened it. Here I just got red in individually.
And a lot of HP, CQ, CAC, BOB and BOS!